Frequently Asked Questions

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What is OVALE?

OVALE is the most secure trading client for cryptocurrency exchanges.
OVALE is a desktop app available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

What does OVALE do?

OVALE offers a unified interface for buying, selling and tracking cryptocurrencies.
OVALE helps you keep accurate books of your trades and transactions.
OVALE securely manages your exchanges accounts API keys.

How does OVALE keep my API keys secure?

Your API Keys are never sent to our servers. API Keys are encrypted and stored locally.
When you connect to your OVALE account we send you a decryption key to decrypt your API keychain locally.

Why use OVALE?

"We have so many accounts on so many cryptocurrency exchanges!"
"Spreadsheets are tiresome to update..."

We created OVALE with the vision of a central trading station to overview one's cryptocurrency assets and cash flows.
A trading station to take strategic actions based on sound data.
A trading station modular enough for people to create their own tools.
A trading station for tax reports, trading analysis and more.

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